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Dena L. Anthony, Ph.D.
San Francisco, Palo Alto, Albany
(510) 525-6156

"The thing is to stalk your calling in a certain skilled and supple way, to locate the most tender and live spot and plug into that pulse." -- Annie Dillard

With a wealth of diverse experience, I have been providing psychotherapy to a broad range of clients for over a decade. Along with doctorates in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and Science and Mathematics Education from UC Berkeley, I have over 25 years experience in corporate and academic positions.

Exploring how people come to know and understand, how we arrive at the decisions we make, is my life's passion. Mathematics is the logical model of seeking truth. I found the study of mathematics gratifying and obtained an M.S. in math, taught in colleges and universities, received my first Ph.D. in Science and Mathematics Education from UC Berkeley and became a math professor. In the late 1980's I moved to designing and presenting technical training for artificial intelligence software at a Silicon Valley start-up. I built and directed technical training organizations for complex software products for a decade.

My fascination with people and how they come to know and understand kept tugging at me. The inherent complexity of my questions drew me to Pacifica Graduate Institute to study Jungian psychology. I reveled in the depth, spirituality and play of the images, symbols and archetypes. Studying dreamwork at Pacifica, I realized that dreams access the roots from which the conscious logic, reasoning and decisions of our lives arise. One might say that dreams and archetypes reveal the axioms of the psyche.

In the '70s and '80's, I was the first woman in four different college and university mathematics departments, and worked within corporate and academic hierarchies. My experiences lead me to research relational aspects of corporations and how women experience them. This research pointed to effects on men also. I have worked with people with significant mental disabilities at Caminar/CLC, a San Mateo county agency, and with alcohol and drug abuse at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland. I had significant success working with prisoners at a high security, sensative needs prison. As a psychotherapist in private practice, my clients span a broad range of people having problems with their personal lives and relationships, and with their jobs and careers. With this far reaching background, my goal is to work with each individual client in a way that will foster emotional healing and nurture dynamic engagement with life.