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Dena L. Anthony, Ph.D.
San Francisco, Palo Alto, Albany
(510) 525-6156

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there." – Rumi

Climbing the corporate hierarchy can keep a man's focus and his adrenaline high for years. But a time may come when he cannot continue the climb, or when he finds that he has other needs that he has been too busy to learn how to fulfill, or when his company lets him go. Then the depth of emptiness and depression can be devastating. Vitality and personal pride can be lost.

Ironically even the coveted top of the ladder of success, CEO, can be a dangerous and lonely place of crippling isolation. Too often CEOs are secretly driven by fear of failure instead of the exuberance of competence and success. Rather than being filled with the anticipated joys and richness in life, without personal support and inner development, the top rungs of the ladder of success can bring a significantly greater risk for depression.

Sometimes a seemingly strong and powerful man's feelings have been so assaulted that he recoils, hiding from vulnerability -- seeking protection at almost any cost. Paradoxically, the cost of protecting that vulnerability can be the loss of your connection to the rich and spontaneous enthusiasm of life. When you are disconnected from your feelings, you lose your ability to respond to life and to others with curiosity and exhilaration - the very connections and responses that are needed to nurture and strengthen that tender core hidden deep inside.

Sometimes a man's capacity for loyalty and protection for those he loves is eclipsed by the pursuit of success or by the adrenaline rush of competition. In this Faustian bargain you risk losing the pleasure and spontaneity in your relationships and in your life.

With competent understanding and effective support in a confidential therapeutic setting, a man can learn to find curiosity, spontaneity and enjoyment. When the man behind the mask required for success begins to be seen and attended to, pride and satisfaction in doing well will emerge. You will experience a state of well-being and become calm and confident in who you are and your place in the world.