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Dena L. Anthony, Ph.D.
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Once upon a time a Little Prince was born.
He was born of a woman who was very, very sick,
So sick that she could not take care of her beautiful son.
So the Little Prince languished in neglect.
He did not grow strong or thrive.
His world was cold. He was alone.

Eventually the Fairy Godmother found him
And took him to be her own.
Still he languished for the loss
Of love that he had never known.

But the Fairy Godmother had a special kind of Magic.
This Magic she bestowed on the boy
Every day, many times a day.
She was so very sad that the boy
Was not happy.
She would not give up.

She held the Little Prince.
She rocked him.
She talked to him,
And sung to him.

Looking into his far away eyes,
She searched for him,
Calling him to her.

After a long, long while
Of living in the dark sadness of Alone
The Little Prince began to
Feel his Fairy Godmother's touch.
And there was warmth.

He felt her rocking.
It stirred movement in his body,
Awakening his somnolent brain.
Her voice and her song swam
Through his newly alive awareness.

He opened his eyes
And was engulfed by her gaze.
His whole being floated
In that steadfast gaze of his Fairy Godmother.

Life and joy and love surged through him,
And through his gaze, back to his Fairy Godmother,
And back through her gaze to him.
He came to know that
If he protested aloneness and discomfort
His Fairy Godmother would hear him
And care for him.

In the magic of the Fairy Godmother’s
Flow with the Little Prince
She became Mommy,
And Mother and Son flourished.