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Dena L. Anthony, Ph.D.
San Francisco, Palo Alto, Albany
(510) 525-6156

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life." - Mary Oliver

Your life is too valuable to waste. When we lack pleasure and fulfillment, life can turn anxious and desolate. Perhaps relationships with family, friends or at work have become unsatisfying and stressful. Sometimes we have old issues that we need to air so that we can move on in our lives. When these problems are allowed to fester untended, they undermine our zest and dampen our inner life force. Maybe you have experienced a significant trauma or loss, or an unsettling aloneness. The more subtle losses -- of a cherished dream, of the ability to trust -- can result in apathy, withdrawal or irritability. In an atmosphere of safety, a therapist can join with you, respecting your self-integrity, and help you find or resurrect your connection to a full and vibrant life. In therapy powerful inner adaptive forces are activated which help you experience competence, self-respect, pride and gusto. With healing you will experience a larger capacity for love, gratitude and feelings of being moved. As old constricted patterns are loosened, barriers to your creativity are removed and you find meaning and enjoyment in your day to day experiences.

If you decide to enter therapy, choosing a therapist is an important decision. On this website you will find out more about me and my practice. On the "Therapy Process" page you will learn about what it is like to be in therapy with me. To embark on healing relationship distress see my "Couples Therapy" page. At the "Corporate Women" and "Corporate Men" links you will learn about problems that beset men and women in the workplace. On the "About Me" page I describe my background and how I developed my therapy style.

If you are having trouble choosing between several therapists, give me a call. I will be happy to talk with you briefly to help you make your decision.